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Do you have an amazing Realtor? Do you know what to look for to find one?

A Realtor is not just the person who lists your property or shows you potential homes. A Realtor should become an integral part of your home sale, your home search, and any of your real estate needs over the years. Choosing the right agent isn’t as simple as calling a family friend or striking up a conversation with a stranger who happens to have a license. Finding the very best Realtor for you should be more than a passive decision; it should be as important to you as is the goal of buying or selling your home.

Ask yourself these questions about your current Realtor:

Does s/he build a relationship with you, listen to your goals and concerns, and work with you, making your needs their own?

Do you know that your goals always come before his/her own personal gain?

Does s/he provide you with a comparative market analysis to price your existing home or to guide the purchase price of your new home? Do you receive regular updates on surrounding properties so that you rest easy, knowing that your property remains top-of-mind for consumers?

Is s/he a clear and precise communicator, a motivated and driven professional, and an honest, reliable representative of his/her customers?

Is s/he a problem solver, not a problem creator?

Do the other people in the real estate business value him/her and respect his/her expertise, professionalism, and honesty?

Are emails, texts, and phone calls returned in a timely, courteous manner, or do you often feel like you are always a lower priority…forever waiting for a response?

Is s/he proactive and organized? Does s/he provide information before you ask for it or resolve issues before you know about them?

Does s/he collaborate with other professionals to find solutions in a timely manner, following up in a tenacious, personable way with all parties?

Does s/he utilize the latest technology to stay ahead of competitors—consistently evaluating market conditions, online presence, and social media responses?

Do these describe him/her? If so, congratulations! You’ve made an excellent CHOICE.

If not, consider how important buying or selling your next home is. The right agent will make your goals, her goals; your priorities, her priorities. The right agent will bring you through the process as if you were her only client, not allowing you to get forgotten along the way.

The right agent is right here!

As a resident of the Galena Territory (and owner of a real estate company in Florida), I am here for ALL your real estate needs—available whenever YOUR schedule allows!

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