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Visit our new home… to find your new home.

Start your search without leaving the couch.

Finding a new home can be exciting and a pain at the same time. Choice Realty Galena keeps the fun and excitement but gets rid of time-consuming home hunting frustrations.

Your search starts by relaxing on a comfy couch in our new home-like Galena office. View a large screen full color slide show of every home in the area, tailored specifically to the price range, style and house features you’re looking for. If you want to “tweak” the search parameters along the way, we can do that as well.

Choice Realty brings home-buying into the 21st century with time-saving technology that streamlines the home search process. Our two convenient office locations in Freeport and Galena give you the choice of exploring properties throughout beautiful northwest Illinois with the area’s leading real estate agency.

Our first Galena office is outside downtown Galena at 324 Spring Street, past the scenic Galena River Bridge. Plenty of parking right across the street. For an appointment, use the form below or give us a call at 779-214-0461

Our second Galena office is located on the shores of Lake Galena at 444 Eagle Ridge Dr Galena Territory Galena, IL 61036. Plenty of parking available. For an appointment, use the form below or give us a call at 815-777-3100

Let’s get started – Choose Choice…  we can’t wait to meet you!

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