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Since many of us are still staying home and the weather is finally feeling like spring you might want to spend some time outside on your landscaping. Garden centers are allowed to be open so you can pick up some supplies to help you with the transformation and help out some local businesses too!

If you are thinking of selling your home, curb appeal is very important in getting a buyer interested in viewing the inside. If you aren’t planning on selling, a fresh new look for your yard might be just the project you need right now. Either way, here a few simple, DIY ideas to get you started.

Window boxes are a good project to start with because they deliver a punch of color and can really transform the front of your house. You can build your own or buy them pre made. Make sure you leave a space between the box and the house for drainage. You can buy plastic liners to set inside the boxes to make planting easier and to make the removal of the plants at the end of the season simpler. Choose flowers that do well in either sun or shade depending on the way your house faces and pick colors that will pop against your paint color for the biggest impact.

Installing edging around your bushes and flower beds also can make your landscape look much more attractive and well kept. Lay out the pattern with a hose or some rope so you have a guide for installation and you can determine how much you will need. Look for the rigid type that is either aluminum or fiberglass for a clean, long lasting edge. Finish the project with a fresh application of mulch to set off your newly defined areas.

If you want to get a bit more ambitious consider installing a new path or walk way. You can use many different materials depending on your budget and the style of your house. Flagstone, brick, rock or crushed granite are all good options. Make sure it is at least 3 feet wide and add curves to make it more interesting. You should remove the grass and dirt down 4 or 5 inches to get a good bed for installation and keep the grass from coming back.

If your yard lacks a focal point create one! You can plant a flowering tree or add a berm, which is a raised planting area with sloping sides. You can plant a variety of plants in a berm which creates interest and can even add some privacy depending on where you place it. Good options for plants are ornamental grasses, perennials, wild flowers, small flowering bushes or small evergreens. A combination of these plants will give you a mix of textures and colors and will create an instant focal point.

Finally, to illuminate your freshly landscaped yard, install some lighting. You can use either LED or solar lights to light your new walkway or planting areas. You can also add some spotlights to light the front door or to emphasize your newly created focal point. Besides adding drama to your yard, outdoor lighting also adds security to your home. There are all kinds of lighting options available to compliment any style of home you may have.

I hope this gives you some ideas to get you started and can make a fun family activity to pass the time. Spending a little time and money on your yard can give you a big pay off in curb appeal. Happy Mother’s Day!

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