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If redecorating is on your to- do list for 2016, here are some of the top trends in home décor for this year and some ideas on how to use them in your home. Some of these trends may be especially useful to you if your house is on the market or you are going to be selling this year. Some inexpensive updates can help you sell your house quickly and for top dollar. Today’s buyer is interested in move in ready, up dated homes which is why incorporating some of these ideas may increase your bottom line when selling.

The color palette for 2016 is fresh and calming. The Pantone colors of the year are Serenity  ( a pale blue) and Rose Quartz( a blush pink) which will instantly refresh a tired room when used correctly. Paint is one of the most inexpensive ways to update your home and by choosing colors in this modern palette you can have a big impact for a small cost. You want to keep your living room from looking like a nursery so the key is to use these wall colors with furniture and accessories in the correct palette. Rose quartz walls should be paired with furniture in jewel tones like sapphire or burgundy and metallic accents to keep the look fresh.  Serenity can be paired with neutrals like camel or gray and pewter accents for an understated elegant look.

One of the top colors for bedrooms in 2016 is lavender. Choose a lavender with gray undertones for a relaxing backdrop to steel blue, charcoal gray, antique  white and metallics.  Master baths feature a similar color palette against lots of marble counters and tile. Geometric wallpaper is also a strong trend in 2016. To keep it looking modern choose large patterns in bold colors or metallics. Think art deco not the geometric wallpapers of the 1970’s.  Another new trend this year is using area rugs instead of wall to wall carpeting. Layering rugs of different textures over wood or tile floors is a big trend.

If a kitchen remodel is in your future the color of the moment for kitchens is blue. Not the country blue of the 1980’s but a soothing blue gray often found in Swedish design. Painted cabinets in this color against white or pale gray walls and countertops will freshen up a tired looking kitchen. Yellow ,orange or teal accents will add a dose of color. Other popular kitchen trends are open shelving and gold faucets and hardware. If you are considering incorporating the open shelving trend, remember to be practical. You may want to incorporate a few open shelves into your design but upper cabinets are also necessary for hiding kitchen clutter. Concrete sinks and counters are current favorites with kitchen designers. The big overall trend in kitchen design is the farmhouse look and it is quickly replacing the industrial look which was so popular the last few years.

If you aren’t planning a major remodel or “pastel” and “farmhouse” are not your thing, the other major color trend this year is white. Seems kind of boring at first glance but we have been so obsessed with color recently that white is kind of a novelty.  Everything goes with white and painting your walls white can instantly refresh a room.  My Grandpa always said “nothing cleans like a coat of paint” and he was right. Painting your walls is a very inexpensive way to transform a space and make it look new again. Grab some paint chips and bring 2016 into your home.

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