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Finally Get Organized in 2021

2020 is finally over and we have a fresh start! Most of us have spent more time at home over the last year than ever before and that might have put a spotlight on the need to get organized. If you need some help getting started here are a few ideas to get you on your way. By now most of the holiday decorations have come down and maybe your rooms are looking a little tired. Before you start deciding what to toss and what to keep, take inventory of your rooms. What pieces do you love, what do you hate and what falls right in the middle? Start with the things you know you can live without. Go room to room with a donate box and a trash bag. Anything that is still good but that you no longer want should go in the donate box. Anything that is not in good enough condition to donate should go in the trash bag. Starting the “surface” purge can make you feel like you are making progress quickly and can spur you on to the more time consuming “deep purge”. Once you have completed the surface removal of the things you know you don’t want, the stakes get a little higher. The room by room de-clutter of the hidden surfaces like closets, drawers and cabinets. This is usually where we get a little overwhelmed at the prospect of all that stuff needed to be sorted through. If the big picture seems like too much, break it down into smaller tasks. Do one drawer a day or one closet a week....

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