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Tips on Buying Investment Property

Since the housing market crash has made home ownership difficult for many people, the demand for rental property has increased. If you are thinking about becoming a real estate investor there are some things you will need to consider. Before you start looking for property to purchase, you will need to get qualified for financing unless you are paying cash. If you are not going to be occupying the property yourself you will need a 20-40% down payment depending on your lender. Decide on an area where you would like to invest. If you are looking to invest in single family homes pay attention to school districts, proximity to parks, shopping and locations which would be desirable for families. If you are looking at multi unit buildings which tend to attract more singles than families, then schools and parks may not be that important. Develop a relationship with a Realtor that has experience with investors. They can keep you informed of the inventory and can help you decide which properties would be good investments. Look at as many properties as you can in your price range. That will help you determine market value for the properties you are interested in purchasing. Most properties that are priced to appeal to investors will need some rehab. Be familiar with construction and remodeling costs so you know if having to put a new roof on a house is cost effective or not. If you can do a lot of the work yourself, the costs will be much less than if you have to hire contractors. When considering properties to purchase, foundation issues,...

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